Ludwick Law Group represents small businesses at all stages of their life cycle, from formation to dissolution. We start with you on the ground floor to discuss which entity might be appropriate to achieve your objectives. We prepare and submit your initial filings with the Secretary of State and are willing to serve as your Registered Agent to ensure your filings and standing are kept up-to-date. We draft buy-sell agreements to facilitate changes of ownership within the entity. And, we assist with the winding down of the business and all that entails. ”

Small business planning requires an ongoing conversation to address your ever-changing business needs. Most importantly, we understand that your business is not a stand-alone entity; it is often a crucial part of your family’s livelihood. It must be protected as such, both while you are alive and after you are gone.

For this reason, our business planning takes a holistic approach to ensure however we structure your entity is done so in a way that also maximizes your estate planning goals. We are also always happy to review existing governing documents to determine potential succession issues for your surviving spouse and family members.

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